17 SepI’m moving

NOTE: I’ve since changed again. Finally found something that I feel really good about. Find me as @TechGuyLikesZen

So I decided to move over to @AlwysThnkng as my handle on Twitter last night.

I know, I broke a bunch of links right? Nope

I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for sometime but I’ve been struggling a bit with defining content and (I hate to say this buzz word) branding.  I know that not everyone that follows is interested in everything I post, so in part this is an effort to give you options.  In part it’s an effort to give myself options as well.  As in having a more professional stream as well as a purposefully casual stream. Again, branding. (if anyone has a better word for this I’d love to hear it in the comments!)

Thank you to all of you who make fun, interesting and helpful conversations with me on Twitter and Facebook.  I really appreciate you.

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