09 NovGoogle knows… (omniscient)

It’s frightening when you think about it:

  • Google knows what I’m looking for (Google search)
  • Google knows what I’m reading (Google reader)
  • Google knows where I am on the web (Google Analytics)
  • Google knows who I know and what we talk about (Google contacts, Android phone & Gmail)
  • Google knows what I’m planning (Google calendar)
  • Google knows what I know and what I’m collaborating (Google docs)
  • Google knows where I am (Android phone)
  • Google knows where I live (Google account)
  • Google knows my voice (voice recognition on Android phone)
  • Google knows everything I’ve published on the web (Google search index)

Google knows me better that anyone?

Hmmm… creepy.

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Joshua Guffey

Project Manager at Dependable Data Services
Father. Husband. Search Marketing Professional. Conversion Optimization Consultant. Love Rumi.
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