12 JulYou’re life is now. Live it dammit!

I just finished watching Bedtime Stories (amazon link).  It left me with the feeling of “your life is now…live it dammit!”  It really got me thinking.  You’ve heard it before… “do the things you want when you’re young”, we all have.   But what I’d like to do is to ask you to take a moment–invest it really–and ask yourself “what is it in my own life that I am struggling with that I don’t want to die knowing I haven’t overcome?”

It’s a simple question really, albeit a scary one. What, if you change nothing about how you’re living, will you die having to come to terms with?

For me right now it’s my health.   Sure, I’m young (29 if you care) but I’m finding that things aren’t quite how they used to be.  Okay I’m being vague…I’ve got a belly.  And I’m not feeling energetic and agile like I used to.   Hmmm, still weak.   Okay…I was walking recently and felt my belly jiggle, how about that!?

Sure, I’m not a ‘heavy’ guy, but it’s not fun feeling a truly negative change in my body when all my life I’ve been very thin, agile and energetic.  I’m not even 30 and I’m so much less energetic than I was just 5 years ago.  Something’s GOT to change.  And now!

I believe that most things in the universe actually work in more of an exponential or ‘compound’ fashion (in contrast to our tendency to view things as if they have a linear progression), that said I’m sure that if I don’t make a change now, one day I will look back and ask myself “where did I go wrong?”

Now really the point of this post is really about you and what YOU want to get out our life.   Not me.  But you see where I’m going… HONESTY

We’ve got to be ‘brutally honest’ with ourselves because there’s some part of our make up (most of us anyway) that likes to hide from the facts.   It’s why we dress up our dead.  —  Respects to anyone grappling with loss right now.

My point is to cut the proverbial shit.  Quit kidding yourself.   There are things that are important to you that you aren’t making happen.   It may not be your waist.  Or your pocketbook. Or your car.  Maybe it’s riding a motorcycle.   Or taking your kid camping camping every month.   It doesn’t have to be what we see on TV or at the movies.

Hell, if it’s collecting every damn version of every Derek Jeter baseball card ever made–and that’s what really matters to you–than do it goddamn it.   Enjoy it.  When you’re laying in your hospital bed at the end of your life… you’re gonna damn well wish you had.

And now you’re gonna make me eat my words.   And I’m glad of it.

What’s your takeaway?

PS.  Love your family.  Love ’em like people might think you’re a little wacky.  Really, it’s okay.  :)

Oh… PSS.  Shout out to my buddy Juan Hernandez who seeded this whole train of thought by sharing this video of his amazing high-speed motorcycle ride yesterday (a thrill to watch) http://youtu.be/Ofxhrw1rDE8

photo credit: thenoizz

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Joshua Guffey

Project Manager at Dependable Data Services
Father. Husband. Search Marketing Professional. Conversion Optimization Consultant. Love Rumi.
  • Joshua,

    Did I tell you I have a son named Joshua? He’s studying musical engineering at Fort Valley State University in Georgia.

    Must have been all the sunshine we got yesterday, cause you’re the 2nd person talking about this.

    So what are you going to do? What are you going to do so that you don’t look back at your life and have regrets?

    Looking forward to your response. Keep them coming.

  • Damn, thought I’d responded to this already. I’ve started this reply a few times already.

    Basically the answer is have an eye on my exercise and eating habits with I’ve let slip. Move more. Eat fresh (not a plug for Subway). Increased awareness around these topics and also making myself further accountable by making it public.

    I’m a bit conflicted about ‘goals’. Sometimes they seem good and other times it seems like they can hinder. It’s an art I suppose.

    Thanks so much for your comment and for holding me accountable.