01 FebWords to comfort a grieving friend

A treasured friend from an earlier era of life wrote to me via Facebook to seek connection and compassion in a time of grieving. I am honored to be held in this regard.

I hope my words brought some measure of relief.  “My words” is not an appropriate phrasing since ‘I’ only sought higher wisdom for the lines that follow.  I share them here in the hopes that they may help another or perhaps myself in some future moment.

I think that friends / relationships exist at certain times in our lives to serve each person.  When a relationship ends I think it is because it’s time to move on.  How this extends to your friend’s passing I don’t know.  I DO know though that death doesn’t erase a person or their energy.  Your friend may be close to you now, feeling no pain of their own but feeling empathy for you in your grieving.

They would probably want you to remember the best about them and to learn something from them and from their life.

I hope that your grieving doesn’t last too long. And I’m sorry for your loss of a dear friend. A Rumi poem comes to mind.  It’s written for lovers but I think that it can be extended to include close friends.  The quote reads “Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.”  Remember this as you think of your friend and be not afraid.

Life is random, unpredictable, untamed, sometimes even savage.  Live it fearlessly in love.

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