21 MayWhat’s your ‘one thing’?

I’m thinking about the question “What one thing, if you did it consistently, would revolutionize your life or business?”

I can’t really take credit for this question.  I read it somewhere a while back in some form and I’m sure I’m paraphrasing it.  Unfortunately the original source escapes me right now.  But the point remains: If we were to be consistent about the things that matter most, we’d be far along the path to where we’d like to be.

For me one of these things is writing.  For you it may be getting up and out the door daily for your morning exercise.  Or spending a few minutes in reflection before you switch modes and begin to engage with the world.

Whatever it is, it’s powerful and it’s something that you’re not doing consistently.  If you were your life would be a revolution and you probably wouldn’t feel the desire to read this because inside you’d know you were already doing that thing.

Something else to remember here is that we are learning, changing, growing beings.  We’re never static.  We’re either growing or dying.  That said, your ‘one thing’ is going to evolve right along with you.  As such it’s important to be asking this question frequently to reconnect with where our efforts could be better spent.

What’s your ‘one thing’?  Why not leave a comment and this can become a brainstorm for those of you who participate?

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Joshua Guffey

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