18 MarWhat’s missing?

Lying in bed tonight I was thinking about my Twitter stream (yes, I know that’s weird) and asked myself “what’s missing?”

I didn’t mean “what’s missing from the service?” I meant “what’s missing from my use of it?”

Today I asked a question about car seats and received a reply from three blogger moms that I follow within five minutes.  The responses were useful and nearly instantaneous.  Amazing!  Amazing and yet this happens every day on Twitter.  And to be fair, it happened on Facebook too when I got advice on the same topic from some moms that I know offline and stay up with via Facebook.  Since Facebook is still a sort of a closed system and the ladies aren’t really promoting themselves, I’m not going to list them here.

All of this gets me thinking.  Everyday.

What’s most amazing to me about platforms like Twitter is that I’m meeting intelligent, funny and talented people whom I would likely never meet otherwise. Very often these people are very apt to provide assistance in their areas of interest or expertise.

The service is also transforming the application of customer-centric service, primarily for companies that do not have a brick and mortar business model.  Tonight I sent this tweet to Timebridge and received a reply within the hour (after hours).

I’m learning a lot on Twitter every day; about a variety of topics of interest to me: tech trends, mobile computing, location-based shifts taking place in the social media space, web design, festivals I should be going to and a whole barrage of things that lift my skirt.  I’m connecting with a real community and even learning a few things about human interactions.  And I share the best of this stuff out to those following me.

What sorts of experiences have you had like this?  Leave a comment on the blog to add to this discussion.

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Joshua Guffey

Project Manager at Dependable Data Services
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  • I just recently made a more conscious effort to tweet. The reason I my twitter is now twitter2 is because I deleted teevee1.

    99% the followers I had there were completely spam and over the top marketers that got on my nerves.

    Since coming back I have fallen in love with the people. Like you said, there are a ton of fun, creative people on there. I GET THAT NOW! I love talking to them and sharing. They have motivated me to write and share more. I am not even part of a fund raising event to try to save the life of a young lady with Cystic Fibrosis. :)

    Needless to say, I am excited about twitter. Even if it took me a second round to understand how to use it right.

    • Joshua Guffey

      That’s awesome Teevee.

      I think we all start, learn, and start again; it’s part of our process of learning and growth. We must take action without waiting for having all of the answers, but in doing so we inevitably make mistakes and commit faux pas on our path. Perhaps our perennial lesson in life is to embody self-forgiveness while exercising the ability to move forward while course-correcting as we go.

      Incidentally, how did you find out about Holly? Please send me an email, I’m interested in helping.

  • Clicked on the blogger moms to see who they were… through Twitter, all three of those lovely ladies are now friends IRL.

    Gotta love the Twitterz.

    • Joshua Guffey

      Thanks Sugar, that’s good to know. I find myself humbled, excited and inspired by the people I meet in this digital space. There’s a lot of creativity and power of community boiling here.

      I think back at what I once thought Twitter was and I realized how very limited that view was. I was publishing status updates long before I took ’em digital (story behind this) and as I have come to begin to grok what Twitter is at its best, I’m shocked I didn’t get into this space long before I did. Glad I’m here now.

      Thanks for your comment. =)