01 AprTweep tagging!

So I was thinking today that I’d really like the ability to tag my tweeps. I mean seperately from how lists work. In fact, sort of backward from how lists work.

Here’s what I mean:
I recently followed a mobile app developer. I know because he has it listed on his Twitter bio. But what about in three months when I realize I need to talk with a mobile app developer?

I’m not going to look at everyone’s profile whom I follow. And if he isn’t very active on Twitter or on at different times than I am, I may not really have him on my radar.

I don’t have other mobile app developers that I follow so I’m not going to create and manage a list for just one person.

So how do I find him?

I could tweet to ask if there are any, but he may not see it.

I could search all of Twitter for people with ‘mobile app’ in their bio, but what if I really liked his approach and specifically want to try to work with this guy? Besides, it’s possible that he’s changed his bio.

What I’d like is the ability to assign free form tags to any tweep I follow. Tags are different than lists so I’d get a different type of value from them. Tags are more flexible and have a lower maintainence cost. (I don’t know if this is an established term but it fits).

I want to tag tweeps more freely than I feel compelled to use lists. Lists seem cumbersome. Heavy. If you use Tweetie for iPhone, you feel this when you go to view your lists; they take a looong time to be retrieved from the server.

Perhaps tags wouldn’t be much different in this regard, but certainly they’d add a flexibility that I’m just not feeling with lists.

Are there already third-party solutions for this that I don’t know about?

Would you use this feature if Twitter added it? Your thoughts?

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  • Vickie

    Great idea! I could definitely use something like this. : * )