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Putting “Trust Guard” to the test

Trust Guard example trust sealI recently wanted to test website trust seals for a client that is in an industry where trust is a big issue for their customer base. This client had a moderate budget and didn’t want to spend a lot on a solution. They were skeptical of the whole idea of a trust seal in fact.

I did some searching for the options available for website trust seals and suggested that we test Trust Guard. It was the most economical option and also felt like a possible winner to me.

I suggested that we implement the seal for a trial period and run a conversion optimization test to be sure that it was producing a good return on investment. This way my client would know that their money was working for them and not the other way around.

Trust Guard conversion testing results

I expected an increase in conversions, but I was surprised at the results. For this client the inclusion of a Trust Guard seal outperformed the original (without a Trust Guard seal) by nearly a 2.5 to 1 ratio. During the test the version of the website displaying the Trust Guard seal pulled fully 3 times the conversions with a conversion rate of 20.6% (versus 8.33% without the Trust Guard seal).

Trust Guard conversion test

Conclusion of Trust Guard conversion testing

Clearly every market and vertical is different and not every industry has the same needs when it comes to consumer trust. However, given the magnitude of the results I saw with this simple test I’ve started to take a more serious looks as additional consumer confidence indicators such as these trust seals.

Considering that most of the trust seals I found were much more expensive and required a full year commitment up front, Trust Guard–with it’s monthly billing–seemed like a reasonable place to start testing. I strongly recommend running conversion tests whenever considering making changes to your website because you never truly know exactly how your market will respond to the changes.

Test, test and test some more! Your business and the return on investment is more than worth it the additional time and effort.


And drop me a line if you need some help with conversion testing, have further questions about Trust Guard or just want to connect. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

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