20 OctIs it bad to ‘toot’?

No… I’m not talking about the dinner faux paus that no one will fess up to. Is it inherently a bad thing to “toot one’s own horn”? While it certainly tends to be inherently annoying for those around us (unless they care greatly for us and choose to see past it), I would argue that […]

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28 MayWhat about when big changes hit Twitter?

Further big changes are coming to Twitter, we can be sure of this. Especially since Facebook’s PR stain, more users may gravitate more towards Twitter without actually closing their Facebook accounts. End in the end, it will all just be an interesting chapter in web history — but, for now, when big Twitter changes come…what […]

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24 May14+ ways to find interesting people on Twitter

I was going to write some kind of introduction to this post and then realized… you’re here to find Twitter peeps… so get to it! Here are a few ways I’ve discovered to find the peeps that you’d most like to follow. For the newbies: (you can probably skip this part) Follow some of your […]

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22 MaySchedule an Aardvark question

If you don’t already know about Aardvark, you should.  It allows you to ask a question of those people in your networks and those of your friend’s networks.  And it does a damn good job most of the time. Aardvark attempts to provide you with answers from people who actually know about the topic you’re […]

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18 MayTwitter apps to make you sing (or at least tweet) better

So I started to write about a related topic and the keyboard revolted. Or maybe it was my fingers. In any case this post about “which are my favorite Twitter clients and why” pretty much wrote itself.  It’ll be useful for you if you are looking to reduce confusion or streamline your interactions on Twitter. […]

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