14 DecGoogle Docs as a GTD workflow system

Wasted time is the devil There’s no bigger time-waster than loosing track of where you were in a project and needing to retrace your steps to figure out where to begin again. Personally, I’m not a big fan of wasted time so I do what I can to maximize my use of what I’ve got. […]

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05 MayMonitor your Twitterfeed tweets via notifications

If you use any Twitter automation tools, such as Twitterfeed, you may find that with it comes some additional brand monitoring responsibility. Twitter automation isn’t a free ride It may be a good idea to setup notifications so that you get pinged when your Twitter account sends out tweets from specific Twitter applications. You can […]

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08 AprDelay Facebook notifications in your Gmail until a better time

We’re all very well connected these days. That’s good! But without some specialized filters the real-time web and social media can certainly start to take over our lives. I recently posted a screencast about how Syphir can make Gmail more manageable and powerful.  Now I want to show you how you can use Syphir to […]

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06 AprSyphir makes Gmail more powerful [screencast]

Building on Gmail’s recent app platform, Syphir allows you to create filters that just aren’t available in standard Gmail; such as an ability to delay emails until a later time.  It’s not perfect but it’s worth a serious look. I’m just playing with a basic filter right now that delays all incoming email from 11pm […]

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05 MarHow to turn on Google Wave email notifications

how to turn on Google Wave notifications

If you attempted to use Google Wave when it came out last year, it’s likely that you met with the same fate as I did.  Honestly, I tried it for a bit, found (at least at first) that NO ONE was on the service, and discovered that, worst of all, there were no notifications of […]

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