09 NovGoogle knows… (omniscient)

It’s frightening when you think about it: Google knows what I’m looking for (Google search) Google knows what I’m reading (Google reader) Google knows where I am on the web (Google Analytics) Google knows who I know and what we talk about (Google contacts, Android phone & Gmail) Google knows what I’m planning (Google calendar) […]

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22 AprHow Facebook’s open graph changes the game

Yesterday at the f8 conference Facebook introduced their new ‘open graph protocol‘. Essentially what this means is that Facebook has now made it possible to not only integrate elements of it’s interface, such as the ‘like’ button, into everywhere you go on the web; they’ve made it possible for you to bring the Facebook experience […]

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05 MarHow to turn on Google Wave email notifications

how to turn on Google Wave notifications

If you attempted to use Google Wave when it came out last year, it’s likely that you met with the same fate as I did.  Honestly, I tried it for a bit, found (at least at first) that NO ONE was on the service, and discovered that, worst of all, there were no notifications of […]

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