10 AprWhat’s the RIGHT ‘follow style’ on Twitter?

A while back I wrote a post entitled “Don’t follow us on Twitter” that was intended to get a conversation going about how we use Twitter, whom we follow & how we make that choice. I got several comments that helped me to view this topic more broadly. Thanks to those who commented. I’ve got […]

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08 AprDelay Facebook notifications in your Gmail until a better time

We’re all very well connected these days. That’s good! But without some specialized filters the real-time web and social media can certainly start to take over our lives. I recently posted a screencast about how Syphir can make Gmail more manageable and powerful.  Now I want to show you how you can use Syphir to […]

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06 AprSyphir makes Gmail more powerful [screencast]

Building on Gmail’s recent app platform, Syphir allows you to create filters that just aren’t available in standard Gmail; such as an ability to delay emails until a later time.  It’s not perfect but it’s worth a serious look. I’m just playing with a basic filter right now that delays all incoming email from 11pm […]

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01 AprTweep tagging!

So I was thinking today that I’d really like the ability to tag my tweeps. I mean seperately from how lists work. In fact, sort of backward from how lists work. Here’s what I mean: I recently followed a mobile app developer. I know because he has it listed on his Twitter bio. But what […]

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08 MarSocial media filters, moving forward from now

Twitter has lists & hashtags. That’s fine. Facebook has lists, groups, pages, fine-grain privacy controls and the ability to hide users from our stream. That’s fine. So what’s the problem??? — Relevance! Is the data relevant for you in this moment? If you work in the tech world or even (and especially) in the social […]

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