06 AprSyphir makes Gmail more powerful [screencast]

Building on Gmail’s recent app platform, Syphir allows you to create filters that just aren’t available in standard Gmail; such as an ability to delay emails until a later time.  It’s not perfect but it’s worth a serious look.

I’m just playing with a basic filter right now that delays all incoming email from 11pm to 7am.  It’s an attempt at empowering myself to sleep more and geek less.  (Or at least to geek during daytime hours.)

You can also combine filter rules to have email containing certain words or from certain senders to be delayed until a later time.  For example you could have all Facebook email delayed until 2pm and then respond to all of it at that time. (Remind me to do that!)

Watch the screencast below to get a sense for how powerful Syphir is already, and then consider that they’ve only just begun.

View this screencast on iPhone here: iPhone version

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  • Needs reply is our own special algorithm that calculates the probability you are likely to answer the message. The idea is it predicts which messages are important and which ones are not.

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  • Joshua Guffey


    I’m certainly intriqued. How does it work? How do you see it being used for maximum effectiveness?

    I created Syphir filters for it to label messages. Seems experimental, but it IS picking more important messages. I don’t think I’d rely on it yet but I’m kinda impressed and I like the idea a lot.

    Is there anything I can do to get more out of it?