24 NovSocial — The next big thing is little.

Facebook and the major social networks are too general and crowded. It’s time for the uprising of the niche social web. Expect pockets of sites for various niche communities that will be separate, but tied together by your participation in them– your identity, which is distributed.

This will allow us to break out of a crowded and cluttered social web and make more deliberate choices about which communities get the bulk of our time and energy. It’ll be driven likely by increasing user frustration at social behemoths, like Facebook, for their frequent privacy issues and the inherent disdain of an online monopoly on our friend connections and identity.

The next big thing is little.

What are your thoughts about the next step in the evolution of the social web?

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Joshua Guffey

Project Manager at Dependable Data Services
Father. Husband. Search Marketing Professional. Conversion Optimization Consultant. Love Rumi.
  • I have to agree. It seems like EVERYONE has Facebook nowadays. Personally, I’m exhausted from it and want to take a break!

    Also, thanks for the comment. I’m super excited for my little baby to come! I can’t wait to see the heart beat. :)

    • Thanks Angelica. You’re little one will breathe new love into your life that you didn’t know you were missing. At least my little boy did that with my life. I think it’s just the way it goes.

      It’s a spiral of joy. Play in love. :)