11 OctSo much can be done without moving an inch


We spin our wheels alot in society. I’m sure it’s true everywhere.

A project manager becomes too busy and looses sight of the big picture. As a manager or a parent we forget that praise works better than blame.

The bigger picture is hidden behind the details. A direction is obscured and for a time, we lose sight of land.

Its our ability it see something from the end, and to plan our course intelligently that sets us apart as thinking beings. Yet so often I’ve heard it said that we become human doings, and I believe its true. We take on too much, loose our vision and forget our way. We effectively overload ourselves and cut off our connection to higher creativity that would take us to the places of our dreams.

We all need the gentle reminder sometimes that to get the very best results from our life, its important that we aren’t running on overload.

Are there ways that you can reduce your load?

Lets first of all assume “No, there are no ways to cut down my load. I’m buried”, because I think we call all relate to this one time or another, and because clearly you have the least time to spend reading this.

If you cannot reduce your load, you CAN always reduce your ‘perceived load’. There’s lots of ways to do this. Here’s a short list to remind you what you (may) already know:

  • Start questioning the stressful thoughts in your head. I’ll bet you can easily check like three good ones off just by recognizing that they’re either 1) unlikely to occur 2) completely unfounded fears 3) not  important enough to warrant as much as stress its causing you 4) or all of the above.
  • Breathe suuuper slow and count the seconds while you inhale. This one is actually amazing. If you can make three minutes to sit down you can use this to reduce your stress drastically.
  • Think about two things you’re REALLY grateful for. What would life be like without the things you’re grateful for? (for me its my loved ones, who also serve as drive for my ambition)
  • Ask a couple of questions:
  1. “Where do I want to go?”
  2. “How am I going to start?”
  • Keep your ‘why‘ in mind as you create

These tools really help me to put life into perspective when things get to be a bit too much.

What are your tools?  How do you regain your vision?

Keep smiling friends!  ;-)

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Joshua Guffey

Project Manager at Dependable Data Services
Father. Husband. Search Marketing Professional. Conversion Optimization Consultant. Love Rumi.