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If you don’t already know about Aardvark, you should.  It allows you to ask a question of those people in your networks and those of your friend’s networks.  And it does a damn good job most of the time.

Aardvark attempts to provide you with answers from people who actually know about the topic you’re inquiring about. And it’s actually quite useful. Apparently even Google thinks so since they acquired Aardvark back in February for $50 million.

Here I’d just like to mention something that relates back to my post about timing.  Aardvark (like any web social network) has users who are active at various times. This said, it makes sense to position your question at a time when it’s likely that your specific question will get answered.   This isn’t possible with Aardvark’s basic web interface or their iPhone app, however Aardvark also offers the ability to ask questions via Twitter, which has the side-effect of making it possible to schedule questions.

The usefulness for asking via Twitter is you can ask your Twitter followers at the same time.  You can also use a service like Hootsuite or SocialOomph to schedule your question for a time when more people are going to be active or for when users who’d be more likely to know will be available.

Tonight I’m just asking a general question about managing documents in the cloud so I made it for early morning (7:45am PST).  My rational is that at this time early risers will be available and also, that they may be a more organized faction of the Aardvark community.  Really the big deal here is that there will be a great deal many more users available at this time than when I thought of the question late at night.

A better example of this might be a question like “I’m planning a trip to NYC next week. Got any tips on great breakfast cafes on or around Main St?”  Something like this would probably do best scheduled around morning time in NYC, so take account of time zones too.

You can schedule a question on Aardvark by scheduling a tweet to be sent out at anytime you wish and including “@vark” in the tweet.  Have fun!


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