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03 FebFollow our hearts to the hills

My wife and I have become enamoured with the hills of Julian, California and have decided to move there. Its just far enough away, but not too far, from busy-ness. We’ve made our wish lists for our new home. We’ve put out the intention for what we wish to receive. And we consciously allow it […]

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19 Jan3 Rules for your Continued Personal Growth

Personal development rule # 1 Be in constant forward motion Personal development rule # 2 Pause frequently for reflection Personal development rule # 3 Enjoy the paradoxs

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24 DecEveryday Gifting, a holiday reflection

As we move into the holiday gatherings with our dear families whom we rarely see enough, I’d like to take a look at something… The dearest things we give and reeceive in all the world are not wrapped in shiny ribbons and bows. Frequently our greatest gifts are as simple as a hand-crafted compliment that […]

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14 DecGoogle Docs as a GTD workflow system

Wasted time is the devil There’s no bigger time-waster than loosing track of where you were in a project and needing to retrace your steps to figure out where to begin again. Personally, I’m not a big fan of wasted time so I do what I can to maximize my use of what I’ve got. […]

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11 DecThe Secure Password Creation Formula

Here’s how to generate a really strong password to protect your precious Facebook account from users hacking it and writing things like “I like to play with poop”. It’s a very simple, step-by-step process that anyone can manage. Read on… Step 1. Squeeze a household pet until they exclaim in disapproval. If you have goldfish […]

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