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05 MarHow to turn on Google Wave email notifications

how to turn on Google Wave notifications

If you attempted to use Google Wave when it came out last year, it’s likely that you met with the same fate as I did.  Honestly, I tried it for a bit, found (at least at first) that NO ONE was on the service, and discovered that, worst of all, there were no notifications of […]

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03 MarHow To: Block unauthorized Facebook apps from your info

Just yesterday I posted “How To: Block Facebook application invites from specific friends“.  Today I thought I’d point out that apps that you DON’T authorize can still access your information if you don’t fix it. To fix this go to:

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17 FebAre social networks right for your business?

When you’re new to Social Networks If you’re getting started in social media from a business standpoint you may feel inclined to join Facebook, Twitter and every other social network you find and become active on each. This impulse is good and I would argue that doing so will help you to stay current, relevant and accessible for your […]

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13 FebNap time

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01 FebWords to comfort a grieving friend

A treasured friend from an earlier era of life wrote to me via Facebook to seek connection and compassion in a time of grieving. I am honored to be held in this regard. I hope my words brought some measure of relief.  “My words” is not an appropriate phrasing since ‘I’ only sought higher wisdom […]

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