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As I wake in San Diego, California this morning just after 4am, I have an itch to write.  The thought that is going through my head revolves around ‘creative mode’ vs ‘consumption mode’.  I think if you read on you’ll find that you can resonate.

After getting a shower, putting a tiny breakfast in my belly and grabbing my morning cup of joe, I find myself in creative mode.  I realize that I want to write, record, compose, construct or in some way create.

What I’m not in the mode to do is to consume new ideas or concepts just yet.

I recognized this ‘mode’ as I felt a resistance to immediately dive into Twitter.  I care very much about what is happening with you and with the rest of the world.  This isn’t about you.  It is about my need to respect what what my mode currently is and to flow with that tendency rather than fighting it.

If I’m in creative mode, I’d better damn well be creating.  Especially considering there is so much to read, digest and respond to in a given day.  When I am in a creative mode, perhaps the very best thing I can do is to surrender to it, letting it flow.  And then when I’m finished, take a step back and view it as part of the whole…part of the world that I haven’t yet engaged for the day; and allow it to be my starting point.

How about you?  Does think make sense?  Is this true for you?

photo credit: scenar308 (Highlands & Kührointhaus)

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