12 MarOrganize your Twitter stream with lists

Today I had to move some of the people I follow on Twitter into a list entitled “oversharers“.  They post great stuff so I don’t want to unfollow them, but having them in my main Twitter stream kills.  Now I can go check out what they are posting about anytime I want without having them population my main stream.  Just a quick note about these tweeps…they both share each item multiple times.  As of now it’s just @QuadMedia and @Minervity, but as all things do, I’m sure it will grow with time.

oversharers Twitter list by @JoshuaGuffey

You can make lists for anything.  I also have one for health and wellness and one for funny tweeps.  They each only have one tweep right now, but again…that’ll change.  The nice thing is that you can follow other people’s lists if they’ve made them into public lists.

You can follow my Twitter lists above by clicking on the associated links.  Or you can follow me on Twitter and see what I have to say.

What good uses can you think of for Twitter lists?

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