20 NovOn blogging, branding and focus

I get some variation of the following question pretty frequently, so I thought perhaps some would benefit from a short post about it. The question goes something like this: “I started a blog and did xyz to it. I’d love your opinion on it when you have time.”

Usually when I drill down and ask if there are any specific questions the response is nearly always “Well I just wonder what you would recommend.”

Its fine, I don’t mind this question and I’m happy to help when and where I can. What I think people are frequently looking for is some general sense of where to go from here. You’ve got a WordPress blog, now what?

So what follows is a general response to a recent inquiry I got from a buddy online. If it fits for you and is helpful… awesome!

In my experience its a bit of an ongoing process. You’ll probably feel out the design for a while and make changes til you’re happy with it.

I’d say make the effort to continue writing. Every day if you can find the time. Your writing will quickly evolve and you’ll define more and more your own specific topics and style.

Creating a clear focus or a thread that weaves its way through all of your content is always ideal, but that can take time to do it right. Often developing a sense for what this is for one’s own self takes a bit of time first. But write anyway. The focus will come. And if later down the line you decide you’d like to change focus you can easily do so.

Meanwhile you’ll be developing connections with people. A community that witnesses your writing and becomes increasingly engaged with you, your ideas and your brand (or personality plus expertise).

Remember that writing is building equity. All the rest is details.

Hope this helps!


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Joshua Guffey

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  • It definitely helps me. Thank you.

    • You’re welcome John. I feel happiest when I’m able to help.