14 MayFinding peace in productivity

Why do we romanticize this idea of an unchanging reality? — It’s an unwelcome truth that things don’t happen as we expect them to.

We plan. We strategize. We save and invest. And then…what?

Often times these things fall out from under us. Sometimes we could have done something to prevent it. Other times–not so much. We hold to the thought that our lives will unfold as planned, when we know damned well they don’t.

In our lives we minimize physical clutter by reducing the number of things we own and manage. In our thought space–the vortex of our planning, whirring minds–we can reduce clutter by applying the rule of 80/20 to our planning and our expectations about where our life is headed (it may not be where you expect).

I read a great post today by Jeffrey Tang of at The Art of Great Things, that really brought this home for me and helped me to frame what productive planning might look like (hint: it’s not planning every minute detail til you’re ready to beat your head in). I got a lot out of it and I wanted to share it here with you. ;-]

In the words of Noel Gallagher, “a dreamer dreams she never dies”. Perhaps you’ll want to listen to Champagne Supernova or Stop Crying Your Heart Out while you read the above post.

Joshua Guffey

What does all of this mean to you? How do you see the role of planning and productivity to fit in with a ‘necessary acceptance’ of a reality we don’t fully control?

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