05 MayMonitor your Twitterfeed tweets via notifications

If you use any Twitter automation tools, such as Twitterfeed, you may find that with it comes some additional brand monitoring responsibility.

Twitter automation isn’t a free ride

It may be a good idea to setup notifications so that you get pinged when your Twitter account sends out tweets from specific Twitter applications. You can arrange this via an advanced Twitter search and get notified via email or txt using a service like notify.me.

How to setup notifications for just Twitterfeed Tweets

Step 1 – Visit search.twtiter.com

Step 2 – Search “from:Username source:twitterfeed
(you can do this for any ‘source’, not just Twitterfeed)

[media-credit]Get notifications when specific Twitter applications tweet on your Twitter account[/media-credit]

Step 3 – Grab the resulting RSS feed link

Grab an RSS feed for your Twitter search

Step 4 – Drop that RSS link into a service like notify.me for email, text or other types of notifications

Realtime notifications

Step 5 – Sit back and read your notifications via email
(or have them sent to you via sms)

See, here they are in my Gmail inbox.

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