25 FebLogMeIn Windows Key Stuck Issue [fix]

Well… I don’t know that it’s a “fix”. The word “fix” usually implies that the damn thing will work properly henceforth.

I guess it would be more apt to call this a workaround. But hey, it gets the job done.

I don’t personally use LogMeIn (I think in part because of similar issues I had with it in the past), but a client does and had this issue…

Basically, the host system (the system you are controlling by way of LogMeIn… not the one sitting  on your lap) becomes confused and seems think that the Windows key is depressed. Which will quickly have you depressed since this means that everytime you type an ‘M’ your windows will be minimized, and every ‘L’ logs you out of Windows.

But then… if you’re reading this article, you already know all this…

So here are a couple of workarounds for this silly “LogMeIn thinks I’m holding down the Windows key all the time and does dumb shit” issue:

LogMeIn Windows Key Fix (aka. “workaround”) Number One

1. Remove focus from the LogMeIn Remote Desktop window (you can do this by selecting another window on your local machine, or minimizing  the LogMeIn window and clicking the desktop of the local machine).
2. Strike the Control key about a dozen times.
3. Go back to the LogMeIn Remote Desktop window.
4. Hopefully the problem is resolved.


LogMeIn Windows Key Fix (aka. “workaround”) Number Two

1. On your local computer (the one on your lap) go to Start > All Programs > Accessories (folder) > Ease of Access (folder) > On Screen Keyboard (I find this at C:\Windows\system32\osk.exe on my system). Open it.
2. Press the ‘Windows’ on the on screen keyboard.
3. Hopefully the problem is resolved.


Conclusion / Results

My client had luck with both methods at different times. It may also be helpful to close out of LogMeIn on your local machine and relaunch it. This would actually be the first thing I attempt, but this does seem to be a persistent, recurring issue – so the other methods might be a bit quicker than relaunching LogMeIn each time.

Good luck with your LogMeIn keyboard issues. I hope your Windows key behaves and you don’t go bald over this one.

Also, consider switching to TeamViewer. I prefer their software and have had no such issues. It’s also more fully featured and free for personal use.

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