20 OctIs it bad to ‘toot’?

No… I’m not talking about the dinner faux paus that no one will fess up to.

Is it inherently a bad thing to “toot one’s own horn”?

While it certainly tends to be inherently annoying for those around us (unless they care greatly for us and choose to see past it), I would argue that just a bit of occasional gloating is a good sign.

Be honest. You know that when you feel a sense of pride in something you’ve put effort into, you like to share it with those who feel close to you.

What about online? What about on Twitter or Facebook? How will your guilty excursions into touting your recent accomplishment fare for your image? Probably not well. But then you probably knew that. Certainly you don’t need me to tell you that gloating puts people off.   But I will say this. If the people whom you feel connected with and want to share this with are online in those venues and you wish to share it… do!

Why? Because god-dammit… be you!  — It’s okay really.

It’s your choice to share what you’re proud of.   Others can choose to take it in any way they please.  Besides, I for one want the opportunity to be even more proud of you.

photo credit: Florin Draghici

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Joshua Guffey

Project Manager at Dependable Data Services
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