17 JulEveryone has their opinions

Everyone has their opinions.

I am reminded that we need to be aware of how much we allow ourselves to be affected by the opinions of others. Everyone has opinions. That’s good. Sometimes though people have opinions about us, our choices, how we live our lives; this is what I’m referring to here.

While I feel it’s important to be open to the opinions of those whom you’ve learned that you can trust and whose rationale generally checks out with your own, I also feel that we can easily spend too much of our time and energy in concern about what people think. Or may think.

When a stranger glares at me because they’re displeased with my appearance, or my driving or any number of other things people can choose to judge or be offended by–I don’t care. Sorry.

I’ve got to focus on my family and the people in my life who are generally supportive (like you); not upon the people who would have me be a different person because they aren’t happy with who they are.

On the other side of this coin I’ve gotta remember not to be that person. It’s easy to fall into a habit of fault-finding, so to be fair I also want to mention that I’ve been there. And I have no desire to be the one pointing out another’s ‘transgressions’ or areas of improvement. It’s not my place.

How does this check out with you?


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