11 DecThe Secure Password Creation Formula

Here’s how to generate a really strong password to protect your precious Facebook account from users hacking it and writing things like “I like to play with poop”. It’s a very simple, step-by-step process that anyone can manage. Read on… Step 1. Squeeze a household pet until they exclaim in disapproval. If you have goldfish […]

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24 NovSocial — The next big thing is little.

Facebook and the major social networks are too general and crowded. It’s time for the uprising of the niche social web. Expect pockets of sites for various niche communities that will be separate, but tied together by your participation in them– your identity, which is distributed. This will allow us to break out of a […]

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10 NovI’m thinking extendable screens are next for high-end mobile devices

Using my Samsung Captivate with its large display its a joy. However wonderful it may be as a mobile device, its inherently limited by its small screen size and need for input methods suitable for rapid data entry. Swype technology goes a long way towards improving data entry, but like any newer technology, its got […]

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09 NovGoogle knows… (omniscient)

It’s frightening when you think about it: Google knows what I’m looking for (Google search) Google knows what I’m reading (Google reader) Google knows where I am on the web (Google Analytics) Google knows who I know and what we talk about (Google contacts, Android phone & Gmail) Google knows what I’m planning (Google calendar) […]

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22 MaySchedule an Aardvark question

If you don’t already know about Aardvark, you should.  It allows you to ask a question of those people in your networks and those of your friend’s networks.  And it does a damn good job most of the time. Aardvark attempts to provide you with answers from people who actually know about the topic you’re […]

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