27 SepHOW TO: Add people to a Facebook group

How to add people to a Facebook group

  Adding People to a Facebook Group The ability to add others to a Facebook group is argueably the largest reason for their rapid growth and popularity. That said, it’s a common question that comes up… “How can I add someone to this group?” To explain in visual form I’ve created the humorous image above. […]

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24 DecEveryday Gifting, a holiday reflection

As we move into the holiday gatherings with our dear families whom we rarely see enough, I’d like to take a look at something… The dearest things we give and reeceive in all the world are not wrapped in shiny ribbons and bows. Frequently our greatest gifts are as simple as a hand-crafted compliment that […]

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24 NovSocial — The next big thing is little.

Facebook and the major social networks are too general and crowded. It’s time for the uprising of the niche social web. Expect pockets of sites for various niche communities that will be separate, but tied together by your participation in them– your identity, which is distributed. This will allow us to break out of a […]

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20 NovOn blogging, branding and focus

I get some variation of the following question pretty frequently, so I thought perhaps some would benefit from a short post about it. The question goes something like this: “I started a blog and did xyz to it. I’d love your opinion on it when you have time.” Usually when I drill down and ask […]

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20 OctIs it bad to ‘toot’?

No… I’m not talking about the dinner faux paus that no one will fess up to. Is it inherently a bad thing to “toot one’s own horn”? While it certainly tends to be inherently annoying for those around us (unless they care greatly for us and choose to see past it), I would argue that […]

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