24 DecEveryday Gifting, a holiday reflection

As we move into the holiday gatherings with our dear families whom we rarely see enough, I’d like to take a look at something… The dearest things we give and reeceive in all the world are not wrapped in shiny ribbons and bows. Frequently our greatest gifts are as simple as a hand-crafted compliment that […]

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21 NovWhere the sand and the waves meet the toes on our feet

Our hearts intertwine where the elements meet. A crest of sand on a long deserted beach. My heart and yours, the things we’ve seen. The learning, the growth, the places we’ve been. Now they all come to meet, where sand and the waves meet the toes on our feet.

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20 OctDaily

Soil is as trust. Holding our roots safely. Allowing us to be nurtured. To be full. Daily we add more soil upon yesterday’s; our roots grow deep and strong. Water its as kindness. Allowing us to remain supple. Flexible. Giving. Daily we sprinkle kindness and allow our roots to reach deeper and grow even wider; […]

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