18 JanAMR-Users [WordPress Plugin]

The AMR-Users plugin for WordPress can help you to display your WordPress Users in configurable lists or on fully customizable profile pages. There are various add-ons for the plugin that have a cost – but the base plugin (which is totally free) should be sufficient for most WordPress admin’s needs.

AMR-Users: Example User Directory

AMR Users: Example User Directory

Example User Directory


No Coding Required with AMR Users

You can be a complete novice and use AMR. It’s got a couple of quirky things with the navigation and cache, but overall it is refreshingly simple to use and yet very, very powerful. Which is great if you are new to WordPress as well as AMR Users.


Filters and Advanced Options

AMR Users also has the ability to do all sorts of fancy things… From structuring your user directory in exactly the manner you desire, to filtering users in the directory, to allowing you to create fully customizable profile pages that pull in and display any user data you specify… AMR does it all.


Integration with S2 Member Plugin

In addition to the core WordPress user data fields, AMR Users can also display any other user meta data found – such as additional fields created via the S2 Member plugin.

You can create additional fields for new sign-ups to complete during registration (this is done via S2 Member) – and AMR Users will find and make available these extra fields… so you can build truly customized profile pages and display any type of user profile data that you wish.


An Imaginary Use Case for the AMR Users Plugin

Suppose you run a WordPress website for web developers. Your site allows paid and non-paid user registration via the S2 Member plugin. Upon registration users can select their skill sets (such as Flash, ASP.net, PHP, etc…) and they can choose if they want the free membership or paid membership. Paid membership comes with some perks, but you’ve recently decided to begin offering a directory of web developers…

Using AMR Users you could create this directory with all the following features:

  • Paid members rank above free members in the directory
  • Or… only paid members show in the directory
  • Allow visitors to filter and search by skill sets
  • Lots more customization and tweaking


AMR User – Plugin Integrations

AMR User is capable of integration with these 3rd party plugins (and probably more by the time you are reading this). Here are a few of the integrations:

  • BuddyPress
  • Subscribe2
  • CIMY
  • WordPress Multisite


Get the AMR User plugin for WordPress now


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