Monthly Archives: October 2010

20 OctDaily

Soil is as trust. Holding our roots safely. Allowing us to be nurtured. To be full. Daily we add more soil upon yesterday’s; our roots grow deep and strong. Water its as kindness. Allowing us to remain supple. Flexible. Giving. Daily we sprinkle kindness and allow our roots to reach deeper and grow even wider; […]

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20 OctIs it bad to ‘toot’?

No… I’m not talking about the dinner faux paus that no one will fess up to. Is it inherently a bad thing to “toot one’s own horn”? While it certainly tends to be inherently annoying for those around us (unless they care greatly for us and choose to see past it), I would argue that […]

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11 OctSo much can be done without moving an inch

We spin our wheels alot in society. I’m sure it’s true everywhere. A project manager becomes too busy and looses sight of the big picture. As a manager or a parent we forget that praise works better than blame. The bigger picture is hidden behind the details. A direction is obscured and for a time, […]

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