24 May14+ ways to find interesting people on Twitter

I was going to write some kind of introduction to this post and then realized… you’re here to find Twitter peeps… so get to it!

Here are a few ways I’ve discovered to find the peeps that you’d most like to follow.

For the newbies: (you can probably skip this part)

  • Follow some of your Gmail contacts. If you didn’t do this when you started your Twitter account, you can do that here.
  • See who they are following. You’ll usually find more friends in your circles this way; often people you wouldn’t have thought of on your own.
  • Tweet about topics that you want to connect with others on. People want to connect with others on similar topics and with people who share their same basic attitudes that they themselves possess.  So tweet!

Once the training wheels are off:

  • Browse Listorious for who is listed in the topics that interest you. Follow whole lists or just people.
  • Run some simple Twitter searches for the more obscure terms that interest you (perhaps kayaking San Diego)
  • Explore who is on lists that were made by those who you already follow or who you find to be interesting or influential.
  • Follow insightful, funny or interesting commenters on blogs that you read.
  • Explore some influencial tweep’s favorited tweets (such as Scobleizer’s favorites) for interesting twitterers to follow.

Ninja skills:

  • Twiangulate some of the peeps you already follow to see who they commonly follow.
  • Use a free service called RSSFriends to watch who certain tweeps follow.  You can then decide if they are someone you’d also like to follow.
  • Find tweeps using Tweepz, a site that allows you to search by bio, name and location — and to sort those results based on follower/following counts, language and more. You can even combine search metrics, like this search which uses both the bio search terms “twitter addict” and the location search term “san diego”.
  • Run a specialized Google search to find people on Twitter by words used in their name/username or their bio (example “work at Google“).
  • When you meet interesting people in real life, ask if they Twitter.  It really doesn’t have to be “weird”.
  • Engage in interesting conversations and be useful to those who follow you.  Don’t be spammy.
    (I know that this isn’t really advanced, but you’ll know why it’s listed here)

For every technique I’ve listed here, I’m sure there are many more that I’ve missed. Why not add to the conversation by adding your peep-finding strategies in the comments?  Be sure to leave your Twitter handle for others to find you.

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Joshua Guffey

Project Manager at Dependable Data Services
Father. Husband. Search Marketing Professional. Conversion Optimization Consultant. Love Rumi.
  • Love it. Thank you. Would add Twellow.com as a resource – though it’s similar to Listorious.

    • Thanks Kennedy. I hadn’t used Twellow, so I’ll need to give it a look. Listorious is good for what it’s designed for.

      I like having these various ways to actively seek out interesting peoples. You agree?

      Thanks for reading and for your comment.


  • Hi Joshua,
    It is very interesting article and the information is awesome. I have started Twitter few weeks ago and learn a lot about it. Here are the some of the tools I used;

    To automate the auto response I use SocialOomph.com

    To organize the followers/followings in groups TweetDeck

    To add and remove who is your follower/following/both use http://dossy.org/twitter/karma/

    If you need further information please let us know.

    Take Care
    Nad Bedar